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  • Hey construct peeps^^

    I was just re-reading the forum topic of talkinghead and it made me think about 2 things.

    I've read somewhere that construct 2 starts lagging at over 300 active objects on the layout.


    So would a layout that would only allow a certain amount of people in it help the performance, or if it wouldn't change anything because people are still playing the same game?


    If the performance is not improved by moving people to different layers,how about to make the layouts in different "games"?

    When the change of layout is registered, it redirects you to the right "game" ^^

    Anyhow.. just some toughs to pass the time, hope i get your brains stimulated <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hmm, I think you misunderstand a bit, depending on what you mean by 'people'.

    Performance is NOT effected by how many real people are playing your game, and C2 is not multiplayer.

    No idea what you mean by question two, could you clarify a bit?

  • Yeah, it would be the sql or whatever database that is effected by "people".

    But it is still true that the construct2 engine can only take a certain amount of stress from amount of objects before it slows down right?

    The other one was just if one layout has to many "players" <- objects. Instead of moving them to another layout in the game, to have some sort of php script that if player wants to go from World A to World B the website redirects the browser to another game that is World B.

  • Yes, C2 can only handle so many objects. However, if they are on different layouts, it doesn't matter... only one layout is ever playing at a time.

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