question about construct 3 ! (important )

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  • hi guys

    first off all -> my english is not good


    1-when is construct 3 release data ? (is it possible that release 3 or 4 mount next ? )

    2- construct 3 is like construct 2 ? (editor and work ) for example unity3d game engine 5 is like 4 and 4 is like 3 but unreal 4 is'nt like ue3 at all

    --> i want to make tutorial for my country because construct have'nt a good tutorial in my country if i make tutorial for c2 and after a few mount c3 to be release i must make tutorial for c3 and all my tutorial for c2 is wasted

    thanks for real

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  • Construct 2 will be supported for quite some time after construct 3 release.

    The release date is unknown.

    And most likely construct 3 will resemble construct 2.

    Construct 2 can always use more good tutorials, especially if there are not that many in your language.

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