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  • Hello, please, I'm looking for an engine to develop the idea of a very simple online game for mobile device.

    It would be for two players only.

    I wonder, you Could do with construct ?.

    If I'm not mistaken, you construct provides free signaling servers, needed for online gaming, it also allows you to export to Android, am I right ?.

    Thanks and forgive my English.



    Hola, por favor, estoy buscando un motor para desarrollar la idea de un videojuego para dispositivo movil online muy sencillo.

    Sería para dos jugadores unicamente.

    Me gustaria saber, ¿podria hacerlo con construct?.

    Si no me equivoco, construct te proporciona los servidores de señalizacion gratuitamente, necesarios para el juego online, también te permite exportar a Android, ¿estoy en lo cierto?.

    Gracias y perdonen mi ingles.


  • Please, no one could confirm if it is now possible to construct do ?.

  • Can you please describe your idea a bit more? Based on the "2 players in a very simple mobile game" description: Yes, Construct 2 can do that and a lot more.

  • , that task would be feasible but by no means easy, and that is for all frameworks, you need experience on the engine, so I suggest something simpler and whatnot.

  • It really is only 1 vs 1, 3 play buttons, without scrolling, no background animations.

    A very simple mechanics, only left and right directions, only 3 sprites on screen.

    I'm learning construct, although I have not studied the online but everything else seems very simple to create.

    Whiteclaws, did complicated the online aspect ?, what you think looks complicated ?.


    Realmente es solo 1 vs 1, 3 botones de juego, sin scroll, sin animaciones de fondo.

    Una mecanica muy simple, solo direcciones izquierda y derecha, solo 3 sprites en pantalla.

    Estoy aprendiendo construct, aun no he estudiado el online pero todo lo demás parece muy sencillo de crear.

    Whiteclaws, ¿lo complicado es el aspecto online?, ¿que aspecto te parece complicado?.

  • 2 Players, 4 Players 8 Players. once you go online play that initial multiplayer hurdle is the same. Developing for MP requires a large shift in thinking on how to handle networking. And that's what he is saying. A lot of people come in wanting to make a MP game. And thinks it's brain dead easy. And while C2 is one of the simplest networking systems for games so far. it still a hurdle that most still find complicated.

    Your controls are not relevant to the networking complication. Once you deal with the first hurdle then 1 input and 32 input are pretty much the same. I suggest learning how to do a chat client and then move from there.

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  • Game Synchronisation, Finding a Peer, Latency, etc. There's a lot going behind multiplayer, and you don't want to deal with that if you're new to the engine, and even more if you're new to programming as a whole. There's the tutorial section to start with, but you'll have to delve in a lot of technical stuff. Either ways, I suggest make your game as local multiplayer, then redesign it in network multiplayer, as going multiplayer immediately will most likely be too overwhelming for a beginner to the engine

  • Thanks for the info everyone, if I have experience in programming but I've never driven a multiplayer online game, I'll get down to work.

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