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  • Ashley

    Hello, sometimes I have seen that some users adapt the platform behavior to other engines. Does scirra allow this?

    I say that I have seen it because they have said it publicly in the forum.

  • Well, since there is no official answer and I have never seen it in the forum in response to other users, I am going to assume that scirra gives permission for this.

  • I don't know what your question really means, but please note the Construct source code is not open source and so you cannot use or publish it separately to Construct itself. Further we strongly advise against ever modifying any of the Construct addons themselves anyway, even within the confines of Construct itself, because it creates nightmare compatibility problems. In effect if you change so much as a single line of code you void your warranty and we can no longer provide you support in any capacity whatsoever.

  • The code of the behaviors I can use it in my games and it is distributed with them, what happens if I decide that my game is open source ?.

    Will the code for the behaviors included in my game also be open source ?.

    That behavior code is visible, just open the * .js * file in the text editor and you can see the behavior code.

    So if I adapt that code to C # language (for example, to be able to use the same code in Unity), I am not distributing any official code, I am just adapting the code to another language.

    I think that is not violating any rights established in the license, this is the reason for my question.

    I think it's the same as if I parody a scene from a movie.

    I know what hacking is and I never used Pirate Construct and I also don't intend to distribute it cracked, I have never said that.

    My question is simple: at any point in the license is it forbidden to adapt the code of the behaviors to another language?

    I have read the license and I think that is not prohibited, that's why I ask my question!.

  • That's not how code works. That's not how open source works.

    You could at best mimic the features of the game mechanics.

  • Your Construct project file can be open source. You can also of course publish your project. That is different to using Construct's source code for purposes that it was not intended.

  • I still don't see a clear answer!

    What if in the supposed case that I publish an open source game and a user decides to adapt the code of a behavior to another language?

    I mean, the user researches the code and adapts that code to another language.

    Because I gave him license to do it when I publish my open source game.

    That is what I am asking from the beginning.

    Can you adapt the code of a behavior to another language?

  • No.

    Because you do not have license let alone access to the complete code.

    You can not have ownership of game mechanics.

    You can not own any code because you do not write any code.

    You can only own intellectual rights to art, and the composite of a game otherwise known as an IP.

    If someone wants to make said game in some other code they will have to try to replicate the code with very little actual code as a reference.

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  • Well, I publish my game with open license, I allow you:

    Modify my game code

    Copy and redistribute my game code

    Copy art and do whatever you want with art from my game.

    My game is completely open in all aspects.

  • The Construct project source file is what you make open source.

    The exported project is not human-editable, so it is not what you make open source and that aspect of it is irrelevant to this discussion. It's like saying a compiled EXE is "open source" because you can edit the assembly, but it's not, the source code that was used to compile it is what is open source.

  • Yes, that happens in the case of an exe file.


    If I do an HTML5 export, the c2runtime.js file has all the code visible.

    If I say that my game is open source then any user can access that code and do whatever they need with the code.

  • No, they can't. In practice it is not human editable. The project data is mostly held in a large block of JSON data in a deliberately obfuscated and minimised way.

  • If everything is distributed in a zip.

    They can take the code and adapt it to other needs, other engines etc ...

    For example the code of the Flash behavior is seen in the c2runtime file and could be adapted to another engine / language.

    The code is visible if I distribute everything in a zip, the c2runtime file will be in that zip.

  • I think I understood the question.

    for example, I distributed the html5 version of my game as open source.

    Can someone else use the "angleDiff" function for their own game by copy and paste directly?

  • I think I understood the question.

    for example, I distributed the html5 version of my game as open source.

    Can someone else use the "angleDiff" function for their own game by copy and paste directly?

    Yes that's what I mean!.

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