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  • I am trying to use the C2 - IAP plugin for the first time and have a question.

    After I use the IAP action "Restore Purchase" on Restore button clicked, and lets say if restore was successful, then which of the following will detect the restore success state ?

    • On store listing success/Has ProductID events ?


    • On productID purchase success event ?

    I am taking care of the first time purchase etc., in the events/actions...Do I need to do anything else specifically for "Restore Purchase" other than just calling "Restore Purchase" IAP action when restore button is clicked?


  • Ashley,

    Could you tell me if IAP plugin works when I export it using cordova, use Cordova CLi on Mac to create project and prepare it for Xcode and run the Xcodeproject ? My app works fine but IAP doesnt work!

    Or Does IAPwork plugin work only with IntelXDK Crosswalk ? I think this is the case...Am I right? If so, can we make it compatible to work on the first method as well?

    I have done enough experimentation and research trying to use the method of - export Cordova project, using Cordova CLI / to Prepare for iOS / then opening the Xcode project to test run the app on my device using sandbox account - is not working with C2 IAP plugin.

    Could you please let me know.

    Edit - I did a build using IntelXDK-Crosswalk for iOS and it works. Can you please make the C2 - IAP plugin to work with plain Cordova CLI / Xcode as well? Or atleast suggest how that can be done? I believe Cordova CLI/Prepare for iOS/Xcode project is pretty much the standard route to publish all iOS apps (w/o having to undergo the pain of using IntelXDK - back and forth between mac/desktop uploading /downloading certs/prov files/ipa's etc., etc.,). I didn't understand why C2 official IAP plugin should be biased to work only on IntelXDK while other C2 functionality and C2 official plugins work fine using just Cordova build?

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  • Finally I was able to get it working with the C2 - IAP plugin as well with Cordova CLI interface...I needed to manually insatll few plugins that made it working...It will be good if this can be documented in the IAP manual as well...Thanks!

  • Hey, could you please tell us how you did it, Im experiencing the same problems you described in some of your post:

    This are the issues I got even when I run it locally with test mode set to yes.

    • Purchase doesnt works
    • I dont even get the purchaseFail triggered.
    • Is store available always returns FALSE
    • Get store listing doesnt work, It never calls on store listing received or failed.

    Did you manage to get it working on a Cordova build or you used Intel XDK?

    Please help us here, this has been an obscure topic for a while.

  • hazneliel, the cranberry Crosswalk cordova IAP plugin works with both Intel XDK and Cordova CLI. You can go through the cranberry's documentation on Intel XDK approach OR Cordova CLI commands.

    Here is the link to download the same -

  • Up to now, I have the exact same problems as hazneliel. AndI've been struggling with this problem for the last 2 months and still no solution.

    I just tried a new cranberrygame IAP plugin / XDK export, and as hazneliel describes, I got "store listing failed" everytime in Sandbox environment.

    The next thing to try is follow this tutorial : ... lkphonegap

    Which seems quite in-depth.

  • I also used Cranberrygame's plugin and it works. I had a problem when Failed/Success did not trigger when using the PhonegapGame plugin that broke the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file required by IntelXDK. My problem was that IntelXDK did not put the permission "

    ...vending.BILLING[/code:u6ztit7f]"in the apk generated. (or something similar) When installing on your phone make sure you have that permission showing
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