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  • I know C2 is in "maintenance" mode and C3 is actively developed, hence this should be very simple feature (should be, but might not be as it turns out at times) - basically copy paste ctrl+f that would work little differently and make life immensely easier for some people.

    Hey Ashley I've run some idea through people I know that work on c2 for slightly larger or larger projects than average and it would be much appreciated if along "search" (which acts like a filter but its okay) we could get jump to/go to line in editor mode. Flow could be:

    1. Press shortcut (anything but lets assume ctrl+w)

    2. Input gets autofocused on text box where you can type like in ctrl+f search box on top of screen.

    3. You type ex. "1337"

    4. Editor scrolls to line 1137 and its in middle/top/bottom of screen

    5. User jumps in chair and claps his hand in amazement

    6. ????

    7. Profit.

    Obviously we can do something similiar but much time consuming with combination of current ctrl+f, find line among all filtered lines, press ctrl+f2, press escape, press f2 and you jump to line - but for large project with over 1k and especially 2-3k lines in single event sheet (yes this is how its easiest for me to work) it's actually just spaghetti.

    For people that support the idea but don't really want to dwelve on it too much, please just type +1 so post gains visibility.

    For others that dont care, it's okay with you let this post die in limbo but please dont go all "we dont need this" when you mean "you" dont need it. Kthxbai


  • the search function is indeed lacking , id be happy with a cycling up and down function like Classic CTRL -F searching

  • Vote one.

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  • That would be a blessing.

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