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  • the only plugin i bought and use so far is spriter, but i only just heard of Q3D, and am wondering if that's also as great and polished as spriter? i'm an expert in autodesk 3ds max so combining 3-d models with c2's no-programming would be a game-changer for me, but there doesn't seem to be a demo of Q3D, just the $30 full, so has anyone tried it and what do you think?

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  • If you aren't trying to do anything too complicated, it might be good to use, but there are various things I need it to do which it can't currently. Shader features aren't fully implemented for example. You can't edit geometry or create custom geometry from vertices, etc. You can only load .obj models or three.js json models. There are various other things that aren't implemented. So, I wouldn't rely on it to completely handle every situation. That being said, I think it is worth the $30, since it can do a lot already. Hopefully we can get more updates for it to round out the features more.

  • It's certainly an impressive plugin, but we did find the workflow in which you had to do stuff quite weird and we took forever trying to figure out how to do simple things. And we could never get the game to export (just came out as a black screen). We also tried resizing the view for different aspect ratios (tested in the browser because we never got it to export), but it would always STRETCH the game rather than reveal extra space. We tried loads of different combinations of settings. If you're looking to do serious 3D stuff, personally I would say go with a new engine. :/ Sucks to have to relearn stuff but we're exploring Unreal because it has the Blueprint system (visual coding).

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