Python/Lua in Construct 2

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  • I see Construct Classic(1.0) was released lately so it's either finished or at a good stable release.

    The only question I have for construct 2 is, will I be able to program in Python or Lua? I am used to actually writing code but would love to use Construct's Editor. The main reason why I want to program is because I plan on developing an RPG with Construct and it's much easier to write a script that handles dialog than to use an event system, I did see an example but it's just not plausible on the large scale, coding was still better in my opinion and that's why I stuck with Game Maker so long and still am if I can't program in construct yet.

  • Construct Classic (release 1.2) handles python scripting.

    Construct 2 is made of Javascript. So it is doubtful that another scripting language will be added to C2 (at least, not right now I guess) since the main language to make C2 is a powerful scripting language itself.

    This gives you the opportunity to make your own code into plugins, that you can then use as regular construct's objects.

    Now there's no code interpretor directly into the IDE. If you really want to use Construct and feed it with code, go python and Construct Classic r1.2

    Take a look at the topic Extending Construct2 with Javascript for more informations about javascript and C2. For python and Construct Classic: CC's wiki page holds the cheese.

    As far as lua's concerned, it never was implemented in neither CC or C2 to my knowledge.

  • I'm not that good with Javascript but at least it uses something I'm familiar with.

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  • Is it possible to embed Lisp in Construct 2 ?

  • javascript and python are pretty similar. so is not going to be hard for you to learn it

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