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  • If you have a personal or business license, are you allowed to put your game on greenlight on steam and sell it if it goes through?

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  • Yes, but if you own a Personal license you need to upgrade it if you reached the commercial limit.

  • I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to but as SgtConti said, when you have reached or sold enough copies, then you'll have to upgrade to business license but that shouldn't be too difficult i imagine if you manage to get greenlit and sell enough.

  • So how does submitting your game work on Greenlight exactly, export your C2 game with Node Webkit and submit the Win 32 folder?

    Reason I'm asking is that "Baxter's Venture" is pretty much complete aside from one more bug test this weekend. All that's left is promotion and selling it.

  • First you need a Greenlight Pass, then you submit a teyt, screenshots and videos about your game to Greenlight.

    Then people are allowed to vote for your game.

    When you earned enough votes, you can go onto greenlight.

    But what happens then i dont know, that is more or less "classified".

    And no Construct 2 game is already on steam as far as i know.

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