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  • Hey guys, how's going? I hope everything is fine.

    So, I just want to ask a simple thing: there is a chance to purchase a personal or business license just after my game be approved by Steam Greenlight? What I'm trying to say is: the only way that I see to make money with my game, is with Steam, otherwise, I just give it for free. If my game is not approved, it means that its not good enough yet, then, there's no reason to purchase the engine yet -- after all, I'm using the smallest quantity of resources as possible, so, technically, just when I need some more resources then I will definitely buy a license.

  • To be honest...

    if you don´t have a 100$ for the license but want to spend money for a green light-process, there is something wrong... Steam is one of the hardest goals to go for, pretty hard even for super-experienced users to get on it.

    I think you never really informed yourself about publishing or selling games really. There are tons of possibilities to sell your stuff. FGl.com for example sells licenses of your game to Arcade-Sites...you can easily make a few 1000 bucks there, if your game´s cool and enjoyable.

  • Yes Steam only accepts master pieses like this

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    There is of course a lot more examples. In the past is was hard, but not so sure anymore.

  • The only reason I see an issue is that to get Greenlit, you are gonna need an engine and some gameplay. Greenlight is not just for ideas, but established content that people will know what to expect from in a semi-final version.

    And no, Steam does not only accept "Masterpieces." It's not like you have to be perfect in order to get a game submitted. On the same note, it does have to be great and not just good. That ties back in with the requirement of some sort of content.

    I'd say build up some reputation on social media. That's the best place to get an idea established and get feedback. Twitter's hidden indie community is great for this. #GameDev, #IndieDev.

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  • How much cost the greenlight ?

    Greenlight is the permission to have the game in steam right?

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