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  • Hi all, Im coming from AppGameKit community but now interested on ease of 2d engine that C2 have. Since C2 is way expensive than my current engine i would like to ask a few thing.

    1. Im ever tried other engine/programming all in 3D(blitz3d,nuclearbasic,AGK) and currently making a tennis game in 3D which is initially plan in 2d. But i found out 2d is harder to programming my tennis game since it involve fake 3d depth so now my game is in 3d with fake pixel art textures. Can C2 make fake 3d depth game easier like tennis,soccer and classic beat'em up that can move inward screen?

    2. In AGK, i had problem with 2d collision with tiles,my player sometime got pass collision tiles(haha). I bet C2 hv better collision handling right?

    2. In AGK i can quick preview my game on phone/tablet. Can C2 do that?

    Hopefully C2 can become my new 2d engine:) and AGK for 3d:)


  • You can always download the free edition and upgrade later.

  • I've never used AppGameKit so I can't make direct comparisons.

    1. Yes, you can do all those things.

    2. C2 has collision issues as well.

    3. Yes over wifi (or lan).

    Like the post above said, try out the free version and try it out.

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  • Thanks..i know best way is to try it:) but i dont want to learn and then stuck at the same place as in AGK:P but Question 2 and 3 solved.

    What i want to achieve is something like this..

    Cannot get my head around to find out how the ball physic will do in this view Care to point this kind of view have been done here?


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