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  • Hi

    I purchased the personal edition directly from scirra.com yesterday, the paypal payment was fine, then it took me back to scirra.com's 'thank you for purchasing contruct 2' page.

    However, I still have not received the email with the redeem code in, also I've had no responses to two emails sent to supporthss@scirra.com.

    Also, as far as I'm aware my paypal payment should not be an echeque, every time I've used paypal payment to the site has been instant.

    So I'm now asking on the forums. How do I go about getting my redeem code?


    Nick .

  • You should send all such requests for help to licensehelprjh@scirra.com.

    There is nothing the users here can do about your problems. It's more than likely just stuck in the mail system or in a junk filter, but your best bet is to email scirra directly at the address I've given.

  • Thanks mate, that's a different email address than given on the contact link after purchasing. I'll give it a go, cheers.

  • You're not alone, nickl. I have the same problem. Please, post here if you have an answer from Scirra.

  • Hi ikarus. I got an email from Tom at Scirra today saying my paypal payment had been put under review by paypal, he showed me a screen dump of his merchant transaction proving this.

    He was very polite and apologised for the whole thing, and said it would go through in a day or two.

    I checked about this issue on paypal and it seems paypal do it to protect the buyer, I don't see how this works, but what is obvious is that paypal have my ?80 and are gaining interest on it. Now lets say they do this to 1% of payments each day, I reckon that adds up to several thousand pounds a month in interest.

    Personally I think it's very sly of paypal to do this, and I'm far from happy with them. I don't think it's Scirra's fault at all.

    I'll update when I get the redeem code from Scirra.

    Have you tried emailing supportrjh@scirra.com and licensehelpnuu@scirra.com? I was about to email the licensehelp address but as I was typing the email Tom got in touch with me from the supportnuu@scirra.com address.

    Email both and see if your in the same boat mate.

  • Just got my code ikarus, so that's just over 24 hours. Not too bad really, and Tom has been great about it.

    Hope you get your code through soon mate :)

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  • I emailed Scirra and in less than two hours they answered me.

    Steam users don't need redeem code. If you check the "i" icon (top right in the interface) you'll see: Personal license, Steam user: whatever.

    I'm happy with the fast attention from them. And now: let's make games!

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