Purchased IAP doesn't work with iOS and Windows Phone

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  • Hi,

    The official IAP plugin does not work properly. When I open a project in Intel XDK it gives a number of errors.

    Finally I made it work, but only for Android by entering this plugin:


    The biggest problem is that it works neither for iOS nor for Windows Phone 8.1

    I bought the Cranberry plugins but that doesen't work either.

    It's very important that this Works because there are applications that people have invested a lot of time, money, effort and dedication. There are applications that use servers in the cloud to save data. There are games that work designers, programmers. Apart from buying the license of Construct 2 which is excellent software.

    Therefore it is not good that after so much effort we don't even sell the applications or consumables.

    I think Scirra is not giving the IAP plugin the attention it deserves and I have not seen any clear solution.

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