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  • would it be possible to publish your game as an swf/ flash game? So those big game websites can use games I make, since they usually use flash.

  • I may be wrong, but I do not believe so. My understanding is that in the future, HTML5 will replace flash anyway. In fact, some tablets no longer appear to even support it. I believe that once we have proper vector support, Flash will be but a distant memory :)

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  • Yea, I've heard of that, but that'll be awhile, so why not just add it now?

  • Every big game website should support .html games cause they dont need anything to support it :D Kongregate and so on ...

    And for sure it is not possible ! You can't convert html code in flash, every exporter just changes the code a bit but it never converts html/js in any different language.

  • HTML 5 does not convert to flash. If you want to make a flash game, get flash. Simple enough. Why would they spend time trying to export to a proprietary format owned by a large company that loves to sue? It would take more time effort and money than it would be worth. Flash is the best tool for flash development.

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