Publishing for Android makes my App Choppy

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  • I made a pretty decent app for kids to play around with. This is it, here.

    It works as a good distraction sometimes. I spent a lot of time developing it and testing it to make sure it runs correctly. I exported it to cocoonjs and ran it on my phone, my kindle, and half a dozen other devices and on every single one of them, it works exactly as it is supposed to.

    However, when I export it for "Android" and build it with Intel XDK, it doesn't run well at all. The particles run slowly, the music doesn't play, and the sprites glitch out a lot. I followed the directions on the tutorial for uploading via Intel XDK exactly as described. When I use the app preview option for XDK, it runs choppy as well. The only assumption that I can make that makes sense to me is that there is some programming error when converting Construct 2 projects into .apk files.

    My questions are:

    Is this a well known problem, and are steps being taken to fix it?

    Is there a better, easier way to convert a .capx (Construct 2 filetype) into .apk that doesn't make it lose any functionality?

    Are there any other suggestions anyone has to offer?

  • It depends on how you make your game, Crosswalk can be slower than CocoonJS (usually not that much slower though). I have no problems with audio or music on XDK (you exported it into XDK and compile using Crosswalk for Android? Don't select just Android in the XDK menu, it will be done via the old engine which is horrible).

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  • When I publish via Crosswalk via XDK it always sets it as "unsigned". While I haven't tried publishing these "unsigned" .apks with GooglePlay, it won't publish to the Amazon Marketplace. The thing that confuses me though is that even when I just test the program with Intel's App Preview (not build it), it still runs just as poorly as the actual build itself. I figured it was XDK that was the problem.

  • Then something is wrong, or its a bug, report it. Compiling with Crosswalk via XDK automatically signs the APK with your email/account details. It is ready to publish in GooglePlay as well as Amazon AND Samsung App Store. I have one APK from XDK on all 3 stores without any modifications.

    Crosswalk/XDK has the exact same performance as previewing over wi-fi on the mobile Chrome browser. If your game is running slow there, it will be slow after compiling.

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