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  • Hi all,

    I'm just about to ready to publish my first game to Google Play and have finally gone through process (which surprised me in it's amount of conditions/restrictions etc.) and on uploading my .apk have come to the 'Supported Devices' list. I compiled through CocoonJS (android) and set the minimum version to 4.0.3 (ICS), Google Play has listed 2499 devices that can support the game.

    Now the problem I have is that although my game is relatively simple and scaleable it struggled to run smoothly on my Huawei G330 which runs

    Is there any way to limit compatibility to 1.4ghz and above, be it in the code or in Google Play itself?

    If not does anyone know of a list of mobile devices and their Processor so I can set them manually (eeek!)?

    Cheers all

    KevD :)

  • Huawei G330 has dual-core Snapdragon, so should work fine :o

    anyway: in practice more bad reviews you can get from Samsung-sh*t-phone users (with resolutions like 320x200, 320x400), like: button is to small, text is not visible etc.

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  • The idea initially was simply a remake/remodel of my families fave old game on the spectrum, I only really intended making it for us to play on the Nexus 7/PC.

    It was only after I finished and a few other people that saw and played it enjoyed it that it got tested on the Huawei and looked/played really nice but wouldn't keep over 20fps.

    That was when I tidied it up a bit on the front end and thought about releasing it for tablets and higher end phones.

    The Huawei is nice for what it cost but even 'Doodle Jump' stutters a fair bit and that's a super simple game.

    I may well just limit it to tablets, just seemed a shame to miss the mobile phone market :)

  • flibble

    just publish it and see if there will be some negative comments. Nowadays chinese tablet with 1280x800 and quad-core Allwinner 31S (~11-12k in Antutu) costs 89$; and there are a lot of cheap quad-core phones too, so most of people will get 30 fps on your app anyway

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