I want to publish on iOs/Android, am I crazy?

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  • Make the game using C2.

    Export for cocoon/appmobi.

    Let them wrap my game up.

    Publish it.


    Obviously, it's more complex than that, (I want to keep this post simple) but what would be the biggest issue to look for?

    What I fear the most is that the game could be rejected because it is using a wrapper.

    The costs for using cocoon/appmobi when it won't be free anymore or beyond x thousand sells.

    Support for my games from both C2 and 3rd party wrappers.

    The game runs well so performance is not an issue...

    What could I be missing?


  • There are a few games on iOS/Android that have been made in C2 using wrappers, so no, it's not a problem. It won't be rejected because of that.

    You'll only have to care about cocoon/appmobi costs if you really sell a lot, and let's face it, if you have a game that is really successful to actually make some decent money, you'll probably should think about opening your own company and actually getting licences for cocoon/appmobi.

    About support for your games, if you have a problem, you should take it directly to cocoon/appmobi. They also have forums, people who help, and etc. You may not be able to mess with your code properly by using these wrappers, but if you ask for help in their websites, they will help you.

  • Thanks for the reply andreyin!

    Do you know some games made with c2 on android or ios? Do you have names off the top of your head?

    I'll have to check what are the licensing costs for both of them wrappers.

    I hope it's not a percentage on the sales...

    Ashley will be in a better position to answer that... But what if my game crashes? Or I get an error message. Who would I got to first and will I need to bug both Ash and Ludei everytime?

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  • I think the biggest problem you will face is the fact that the iOS and Android markets are hugely saturated. Unfortunately, it seems like it doesn't matter how good the game is at all. All that matters is how many people are playing it, and this relies on many factors outside your control.

    I'd like to be wrong, but this seems to be the way it goes at the moment.

  • I wish sqiddster was wrong. So you might want to think about advertisement or parallel product development to generate interest. Good luck :) Also with more and more bigger companies coming into the mobile market it's also influencing expectations of quality :(

  • ios & android publishing with c2 will become realistic for us when there is an opensource solution like node-webkit for mobiles. right now depending on cocoon or appmobi is not so desirable. better go native in this case.

    for desktop c2 is ace!

  • Good stuff guys, thanks for the replies.

    sqiddster: what have you found actually works for having people play your game? You sound like you've been there.

    jayderyu: what do you mean by "parallel product development"?

    bjadams: how profitable is desktop publishing? Have you published one?

    It's true that on top of the 30% you've got to give to android/apple, another extra 10% for appmobi adds up to 40% which is almost half of your profits for a game. Then again, when you don't have to pay for a programmer... it's almost the same profit in the end.

    Anyone of you guys have any names of games made with construct that are sold on the mobile market?


  • I'm not speaking from personal experience but from what I've heard this is pretty much the situation. If your dream is to make an app, do it! Just remember that the amount of plays you get isn't necessarily a relection on its quality.

    This is a really honest article from a developer who's been through it all.

    EDIT: If you're interested in profit, you might want to have a look at this detailed survey.

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