PubCenter Interstitial - No Error details?

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  • Hi. I tried to use intertitial ads because the default ads are covering 50% of the screen on some phones permanently but when I load an interstitial ad the "OnError" is triggered and shown on my debug text object. But how can I see what error so I can try to fix it? The Visual Studio console just shows this:

    [quote:3myn58y2]'WWAHost.exe' (Script): Loaded 'Script Code (MSAppHost/3.0)'.

    Exception was thrown at line 27, column 3 in ms-appx://58213bl4cksh33p-soft.overwatchcompanion/start.js

    0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'trySetDisableLayoutScaling' of undefined or null reference

    Exception was thrown at line 306, column 404 in ms-appx://58213bl4cksh33p-soft.overwatchcompanion/c2runtime.js

    0x800a03ea - JavaScript runtime error: Syntax error

    'WWAHost.exe' (Script): Loaded 'Script Code (WebView/1.0)'.

    The normal banners work. Any ideas?

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