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  • Hi all,first I think to post it in Bug section but it's not really a "bug" ^^

    Pub Center is closed now, Microsoft use Admeditor and close all the Pubcenter section....

    For a newbie like me visual studio is just.... humm... difficult, i try but for the moment I do not find a way to add pub in my W10/8 project without Pubcenter....

    Can you confirm that you work on a solution or have you a tuto/guide to use other way ?

    Thank you for your work I love C2 !!


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  • It sounds like they're just moving the accounts system to DevCenter instead. It doesn't look like anything else needs to be changed?

  • Thank you for your answer

    For the old users yes their accounts are moved, but for new users I not find the way to create a new campaign/ID for the plug-in, but I'm also totaly new in the process, I will try and return to us, thx.

  • Hello,

    Finaly I don't add the pub for the moment.... I don't find the way to make that work....

    I'm not an old user of Pubcenter but new user, create my account juste after the change, end of february, like I see on microsoft dev center the MicrosoftAdv should work with the parameters of Pubcenter but not, and Admeditor can be add to my projetc in VS2015...

    I'm not an experiment user, it's very difficult for me, I let the informations :

    I creat an account to Pubcenter but I can't create a new pub because they transfer the account to dev center

    I create a banner for microsoftadvertising in dev center now I had a pub+app ID.

    I add the pubcenter plug-in in my C2 project

    I add the event+Action to add Pub when a variable is on "1" (var who change after the user buy the game)

    I add my ID (or test ID of microsoft dev center) in C2 plug-in.

    I can open my project with VS2015 but in previews VS, or C2, I never show the banner, also in test mode...

    Please if you can post a clear process with their new way of create pub I will be very happy it's so difficult for a not expérimented user.

    Thank you


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