To All The Pseudo-Companies

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  • There is a strange obsession with creating game companies in the Construct 2 community. New users are often guilty of this more than anyone else. You don?t need to create a logo, or a business name, or assemble a team of people you?ll never end up using (seek help only when you need it, team requests should be used sparingly). Don?t create a shoddy website for a non-existent, unregistered gaming company. Don?t put obnoxious trademarks on your software. If you want an identity associated with your work, use your username or your real name. Or how about linking to a YouTube channel where you can post videos of your game when it?s out?

    In a nutshell, splash screens and bogus company names don?t make you look credible. Since most people abandon their Construct 2 projects and teams, it?s best to leave any business details for later ? and only if you plan to stick to it and produce more software. And if you want to protect your work legally and freely, copyright can instantly be applied to your work. You can also use a free Creative Commons license, if your game is freeware or open-source. As for trademarks, you don?t need them.

    Let me know how everyone feels about this,Am i the only one?

  • While I agree that a unregistered company name doesn't mean a lot, and that business should not be the first target of people, if people want to have a team name, or to claim that they did the game, they have fully the right to do so, a splash screen (when used in a good way) is not a problem IMHO.

    As for website and other stuff, it is their choices too, I'd rather play games from the same guys if their work pleases me, so having a way to find them is still a good thing (and there are plenty of website for every stuffs), but I agree that before thinking of that, you should be sure you'll not drown 2 weeks later.

    Or maybe I misunderstood something?

  • You clearly don't understand the financial benefits for trading as a company.

  • I can imagine why you seem to dislike that phenomenon,

    But in my opinion it's a good thing, after all, in business, or any type of project, failing is the first lesson, so asking people not to start failing is like asking them not to start succeeding : )

    On the other hand, I agree about the fact that newly formed teams need to plan ahead of time, and be as realistic as possible about what they can do and can't do, and also always track their own performances in that context.

    Other than that, best is to put forward one's best work, be it in a team or not.

  • You know how it is. Download C2, make game (which usually is a not so much modified ghost shooter tutorial) and suddenly you are a CEO of international multi-milion $ game company... studio... corporation...

    Not sure why it is like that, maybe it gives them +1 to self-confidence?

    But it's quite funny to "play" crap that looks like was made buy dozen people with years of experience :D

  • I think I agree with you on one level: Poor effort put into said splash screens, websites, etc. That can really turn people away from your products or lead people to associate your username with what they saw.

    However, I think most people that come to the Scirra forums want to explore things they've never tried before and learn, so every bit of experience that they have here benefits everyone in the future.

    Plus, it's good to have a company name handy if you do stumble onto a good idea <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • op sounds very presumptuous.

    But it reminded me of this, very helpful when we�re starting our business:

    For me it�s not that different than having a nickname like your own, RookieDev. If having a company name makes people happy and more confident to make some cool games, what�s the problem?

  • Everyone starts somewhere <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Some just dream a little bigger then others <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'm creating a name now. I want to use super, mega, and mystical in the name as the beginning, but I can't use all three. I could just join them together.

    Tell me how does Smegma Games sound?


    How about Red Rocket?

  • I'd like to have a company name or at least "something" that looks less boring than using my own name on games, but I don't know the best way to go about it. I don't hear people talk about it much.

  • DrewMelton unless you want to pay the money to protect your company name and incorporate/copyright/etc, then it's mainly just googling to make sure the name you want isn't taken, and saying that's your chosen company name.

    Then you can go through buying the domain name for it (.com, sometimes .net is good too), set up a website and media stuff etc <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    But, this doesn't really protect you legally from intellectual property theft, I don't think that's possible without paying for it.

  • Cool, thanks!

  • Awesome,Its great to see how different people feel about this topic.Just to put this out there,I dont have anything against entrepreneurs and i know that everyone starts at the bottom.With that being said it makes more sense for a new person or even an older user of any engine to get knowledgeable information regarding business.Alot of people lose money in this fashion or even lose attraction of players not because of gameplay reasons,But for unprofessionalism.Its only my honest opinion but everyone should hold themselves to some standard of professionalism,even games with quirky or cartoonish or maybe even crude themes still hold that value close.

    To Sum It Up-Do What You Feel And Feel What You Want

    Thanks everyone for your replies I love this community

  • You truely didn�t understand the advertising aspect, don�t u?

    It�s absolutely essential to have a "brand" behind a product. Of course, the product needs to be good, but why not make a blog and that stuff from the very beginning? That gains attention and good feedback on your progress keeps you motivated as well!

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  • You truely didn?t understand the advertising aspect, don?t u?

    It?s absolutely essential to have a "brand" behind a product. Of course, the product needs to be good, but why not make a blog and that stuff from the very beginning? That gains attention and good feedback on your progress keeps you motivated as well!

    I have nothing against this,if its done in a profesional fashion.

    Showing off the progress of development is always a good thing,Just make sure everything is done correctly before you go and say you are a legit company or brand.Thats all im saying and i speak in a general fashion since ive experienced alot of these Pseudo-Companies.

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