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  • Are there any plans to export C2 projects to the PlayStation Vita?

    Also, I was reading a blog post about the new Wii U export option and I read that there are something like 15 export options right now. What are the 15?

  • Current export options are:




    Chrome Web Store


    Windows Store

    Windows Phone 8



    Blackberry 10




    Firefox (Marketplace)

    & Wii U

    I don't know about Vita plans.

  • Built-in browser on Vita supports Construct 2 games, as some have confirmed. WebGL is apparently not supported so far though.

    Of the actual export option,

    In following topic Ashley stated interest, but I can't find any further information about module being developed or not.

    It does look like a possibility though.

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  • Thanks for the info.

    Is OUYA included in the Android export? I was reading other forum posts about OUYA and it seemed people were having trouble with it.

  • As it was mentioned here,

    Construct 2 will have full OUYA support once the CocoonJS is updated for that.

    On their CocoonJS helpdesk it was recently mentioned that "some news regarding Construct users" are to be announced soon,

    So, perhaps, there'll be something good from it.

    Currently you can already make and test OUYA games, but few things are missing for platform support to be "full".

  • Hope cooconjs will wotk with


    and then can export to all the platform

    with a decent framerate

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