Protect my game from publishers likec hillingo or bulkypix

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  • So we were recently offered a partnership for my game by chillingo, bulkypix, and a few others. We checked them out and made sure everything was legitimate, but before we send our APK files, we want to make sure our game is protected, and they don't just take what we have and run away with it. Do we get this copyrighted? Do we get a lawyer?


  • get a lawyer to draft a contract for you, where you list the terms of the agreement

  • Hola, you don't really need a lawyer to get a draft contract, on the net you will find many drafts for these kinds of contracts. Just make sure you put in the contract what the other party can and can not do with your files and you are protected. If they then do things that violates the contract, then it's time for that lawyer. On everything you create and as long it's original you have a copyright on your product.

  • bscarl88 any chance you can share the types of offers they gave? I am still trying to sort through all the various publishers and see which ones offer up front payments vs. revenue sharing and what types of amounts they are actually offering for non-exclusive and/or exclusive offers...

  • you could also add hidden symbols or signatures that prove its your work just in case

  • My advice is don't ask the internet... go consult with a lawyer, its his job to give the best legal advice especially when you know its a big deal

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  • thanks everyone

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