Prompt to move events using that layer up?

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  • I think that it's a bother that whenever I want to add a new layer under all the other layers up, I have to manually go through all the events and push the "Spawn on layer 2" into "Spawn on layer 3" and so on.

    I think that all events which use this, should automatically change to the updated layer, or better - prompt the user if he wants this.

  • I know a good work around is to make your events which make use of layers call from variables instead, but it shouldn't have to be the case.. just for the sake of ease..

  • I did the same thing before realizing that using layer names instead of using layer numbers solves the problem and as such is a better method.

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  • Bllody hell ! I've just never thought of simply using the name of the layer !

    Thanks Arima :)

  • Using layer names is essential but Rorys issue is still valid. Even if you have a layer "aaa" and all your events are refering to layer "aaa", after renaming "aaa" to "bbb" all events will still refer to "aaa" and you need to go and change all of them manually.

    Little popup "Do you want to change naming in events?" would be nice for that.

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