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  • Hello,

    I am close to finishing my first game. It is also compatible with mobile devices. As I can see, there are a lot of platforms to publish my game.

    I've already read Ashley's tutorial for promoting, which I think is really helpful. But, I would like to know from someone that has already experience

    from publishing/promoting apps, what my next move will be.

    Should I publish to Android/iOS or Kongregate or Newsgrounds or FGL.

    Or even all of them?

    How can I generate more plays?

    Sorry for the questions but its my first game and I would like a professional advice.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • You won't get much attention on your first game, don't even think of selling it, I recommend releasing free games, building rep and a fanbase, then moving to bigger paid projects, or if you want to jump into the dark canyon of no return that is the AppStore then here you go, maybe you can find a flaregun in those links


  • Thank you very much for repling

    Yeah, I know I'm not gonna get a lot of attention with my first game, but I would like also to know which platform is better for publishing and if it was better to publish to all of them.


  • There's no better platforms, only more popular ones, I would suggest trying the appstore first and then moving out to the Google play store, because the price to pay to get in there is higher, blocking some of the "trash" for your game to get more exposure

    Don't put your game on Kongregate or Newsground if you want to sell it

    And finally, Focus on the launch, get the most attention possible, go on forums, contact the press, create some hype and such, and then let your game do the talk before slowly drowning in the sea of apps

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