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  • Hey,

    I always worked with RPG Maker XP (game engine), but there were easy ways to 'hack' games. So I was asking myself.. how is the security of a Construct 2 project?



  • I would think, as long as you keep yer game running from a server, you'll be fine. Not sure though. But security in games is rather kind of obsolete, it's always gonna get hacked if people take the time and effort to do so. I'm sure new security measures will be implemented in time.

  • First, be aware it is not possible to totally secure any game. Even commercial software and AAA titles get hacked, and if they can't do it, neither can you (or us). All you can do is make it more difficult to hack.

    The best thing you can do is enable 'minify script' on export. That mangles the javascript in to an unreadable mess. You can still edit it, but it's very difficult to figure out which part does what when it's like that.

  • If it's about hacking scores... that's super easy for all browser based games...

    You just have to start the game in the broser and use a memory search tool like cheat engine... everyone can do it without much effort and you can't do much against it


    actually i thought about it and made a small anti cheat protection to test an idea... and it works:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Project File:

    Very basic but better than nothing i guess :D

  • simple but powerful method

  • I really don't care about cheating really. If you wanna take the time to hack my game, then so be it. If you choose to ruin a game by cheating, then so be it. I also don't care for so called "leaderboards", they always get hacked, even on XBOX LIVE and companies don't do anything about it, I really believe you should get banned from a game if you cheat, but hey, the new "ethics" of the new era of gaming is pretty pathetic to say the least, so I just do not care.

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  • Cool method to stop hacks =)

    but much security give problems to your game, make this more 'open' you can and hope good persons play your game o/

  • i think everything on net can be hacked or cheated...

  • Sorry for the bump, but I guess the next two questions are fitting in this topic.

    Question 1:

    Which part of a game is the easiest thing to hack? I guess the resources (graphics etc.) can be hacked pretty easy, but how about Event sheets for instance?

    Question 1:

    Are there any differences between a .EXE exported game and a web game? Is the securrity equal, or not?


    Those questions might sound a bit strange, but it's actually quite important for my game. Thanks! :)

  • You have two question ones.

    So for the first question 1, I'd say numerical values such as health, score, ammo etc.

    For the second question 1, not really, the .EXE exported games are just like custom browsers wrapping your HTML5 game. So code-wise it's the same.

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