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  • Hi everyone.

    I just wondered if there is a performance difference between a project with low resolution, lets say     120 x 67,5 (16:9) and a project with higher resolution,   lets say     1920 x 1080 (16:9).

    Now lets take a sprite with the size 300x300.

    In the 1920x1080 project the sprite has its original size.

    In the other one, I scale it down (16 times in this case).

    If I test the project (fullscreen) on a 1920x1080 display, both of them look the same (so Construct is able to scale from the original size of the sprite) and theres no quality loss at all!

    So I just wondered if it matters, in which size I develop my project as long as its 16:9 and the sprites original pictures are big enough so they don't get pixelated.

    Is it better to develop projects bigger and scale them down for smaller devices or should I develop them smaller then 1920x1080 but with big enough pictures and scale them up?

  • The aspect ratio is more important than the actual project window size. It doesn't make any difference in your case if the images are all the same resolution. It isn't actually scaling one up and one down - it's scaling them both identically.

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  • Ok, thanks for your reply.

    So I will develop my Project in 1920x1080 because every new device got that resolution.

    I hope there won't be any performance issues at this high resolution, but thats probably more a question of how I implement it.

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