Project or objects won't load / grey rectangle instead

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  • Hello everyone,

    I did not find a solution for this problem on the forum, so I started a new post.

    My project is not loading correctly. Sometimes it fails to load completely (red loading bar, screenshot 1) and sometimes it loads, but without some of the graphics (grey rectangles instead of the objects (screenshot 2, 3 for comparison).

    To me it seems a bit worse when i run the game from external hardrive, but maybe im just imagining things, because it happens from my hard drive as well. But not every time i run the game. Only sometimes. And the number of missing objects is changing. Sometimes the character does not load, sometimes bigger objects in levels etc.

    Does anyone have similar experience? Or knows how to solve this?

    Any help appreciated!

    Thank you




  • Where is the game hosted, and which browser are you using?

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  • I export it as a desktop windows exe and mac os X app in the Node-webkit option.

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