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  • So not everyone agrees that these will be helpful but on big game projects its the little things that slow you down, included in this list are a few small everyday tasks that need to be made on games that end up taking a full morning when they should only take an hour. Construct 2 is a fantastic product and with these few tweaks could speed indie gamers up alot IMO. There may already be solutions to these problems that I am not aware of, and would be grateful if I could be corrected.

    Global Grid Snapping: I am currently working on an total update on a 50 lvl game, at this moment in time, when I duplicate my level I have to go back to the view tab, click both snap and show check boxes and then reset my grid size to the desired number, for EVERY layout.

    Multi Drag and Drop: At this moment in time if I want to reorder my Layouts, objects or even event sheets I have to do this one at a time. Again when your layouts number into the double digits just simply splitting them into easier to manage sub folders turns into a drag and drop bore as you have to do it one at a time.

    Multi Event Sheet Inclusion: At this moment in time my workflow is to work with multiple easy to mange event sheets that I pipe into a master sheet. This allows me to work on features in isolation nice and easy and them implement them when I'm ready to prototype them together. To do this however I can only include 1 event sheet into a master ES at a time.

    I have a few more that I came across, but I am away from my list at the moment will add them later.

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