Project losing its resources?

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  • Anyone run into a situation where you try running the project and it says it can't find a shaders.js file?

    And when you reload the project is says it can't find some image so it fails to load? And when you check the capx, it has become stripped of its files, etc?

    I've ran into this occurrence twice now. The first occurrence, the backup file was still working, but the second time, the backup file was even missing its resources. I had to go back to a previous saved file.

    Now I'm making sure to save multiple files constantly since I can't rely on my project not being wiped clean.

    Anyone have this issue? I can't report it because I don't know how to duplicate the issue.

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  • So there's another thread that talks about the same issue:

    The problem is that I never ask to clear the temp files, it does it randomly on its own. How do I prevent it from clearing the temp files while I'm using them?

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