My project isn't working on Android.

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  • Hi.

    So I'm facing issues when trying to run my project on an Android device after downloading it from the Play Store.

    None of these issues occur when using "Run Layout" in Construct 2.

    First of all, depending on the device I use, I have varying levels of success when getting the game to start up.

    On the first device, a tablet, the game shows the loading screen along with the icon for the game. It loads up to 100 percent, then the game closes.

    On the second device I tried, a smartphone, the game loads and starts the first layout, the Title Screen. I tap Play and it brings me to the second layout, which is basically a screen that shows the name of the following level before loading the next layout. The next layout, Level 1, doesn't load. The game closes.

    On the third device I tried, another smartphone, all the layouts load and nothing causes the game to crash or close. However, I'm facing another issue: In my game, the goal is to tap various types of fireworks to detonate them. If you fail to do this, you lose health and eventually get Game Over. There are also bombs that explode and subtract from the health value upon tapping them. The problem is that I can't get any of the various fireworks to detonate without tapping them repeatedly. The bombs, on the other hand, explode the moment I tap them.

    Initially, I had it set to where the fireworks detonate upon "left clicking". I got all of the above issues, so I went back and changed the event to make the fireworks detonate upon "tapping". Same issues.

    As for more information:

    I exported the project from Construct 2 using the Cordova option. I checked the option of minifying the script. (I also exported the project before without minifying the script and there was no difference, so that doesn't seem to be the issue.)

    Then I built the game with Intel XDK using the Crosswalk for Android option.

    From there, I uploaded the ARM APK (not x86) to the Google Play Store.

    Here is a link to the game: ... rrtv&hl=en

    Let me know if there's more information I can provide. I'm hoping there's some easy solution to all this that I'm just completely missing.


  • What does C2 estimate as the largest memory size?

  • Where do I find that information?

  • Have you tried the game on the mobil-devices with chrome? Does it work well?

    When you tried it on your PC with Debug-Layout and clicked on the watch-tab. What shows the CPU usage?

  • Sorry, I can't download it. Play Store tell me the game isn't available in Italy.

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  • I ended up going through every single asset and bringing their sizes down. I ended up bringing the download size down from 45 to just 31 MB. Some of the assets were very big. For example, every frame of the firework detonation animation was about 1000x1000 and I brought it down to around 300x300. This made the game run much better in general, plus it no longer crashes on mobile devices!

    Still, one problem persists. I still have to tap the objects repeatedly to trigger the event. In other words, I have to tap the firework over and over just to get it to explode. When I run the layout in Construct 2, it only takes a single click to make it work.


    It goes up and down from 40% to 70%, but mostly it settles at around 55%-60%.


    Sorry. It says it will take a while to process the update, but I set it to where you can download it in Italy.

  • Game interesting and potentially addictive.

    This is what I see


    for double-tap, I think it's a problem of size of fireworks: if I tap exactly in the middle they explode.

    Sorry for my English

  • el3um4s

    Thanks for testing it. Since there's obviously a problem with the hit detection, I think perhaps applying larger invisible hit-boxes to the fireworks may help. I'll update this thread after I test this solution.

    One question, though. Did you hear any sound or music while you were playing it? I'm asking because I didn't hear any in your video.

  • Oh, Yes, I heard sound and 🎶. The video is mute, not the game.

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