Project Idea, a Game for the OUYA usin Construct 2

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  • So I'm tossing the idea out here to everyone to see who might be interested in doing a group project to make a game for the OUYA console releasing this coming year using Construct 2. I don't know if C2 can port to the OUYA but it runs an Android 4.1 based OS, so I think its possible.

    The console doesn't have any games, heck it isn't even out yet, and the developer consoles will be arriving in a couple weeks. I think this is an opportunity to get Scirra's Construct 2 some notice and get ourselves some exposure, maybe even some money, who knows.

    I've formed a Google Plus Community called "Construct 2" for collaboration encase this does go forward since everyone is able to screen share, use video, audio, and text chat to communicate (its like a skype, facebook, and google account hybrid imo).

    I don't have time to finish this post at the moment with all the links and info I'd wish, so this is to just get the discussion going. I'll get back to it later today/night.

    I know my skills with Construct 2 won't cut it alone on a project like this but a groups combined skills just might. =P

  • Although I'm not getting an OUYA (at least not in Q1) I'd love to help develop some games on a new platform.

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  • Join the group guys! we are thinking of a mini game collection idea. 8)

  • I'm working on an Ouya game here and there. It's just that i'm not entirely convinced that we should consider all games to be on par with the other main consoles. And so it might not be needed to create suits of mini games.

    Now it might be a good idea anyways so I'll think about it. See how far my game is in a few weeks :D

  • Join the group guys! we are thinking of a mini game collection idea. 8)

    I think that's a good approach, I'll try to set up a google + account later.

  • You have my sword,

  • ...and my AX! :P

    Couldn't resist, Mr. E Bear.

    On another idea for the OUYA: what about packing some of our individual games we've created into a mini-game collection? Sort of a "Scirra Hits" compilation?

  • Wow, that's kinda of a neat idea, Space Ape!

  • I'm definitely interested in helping out!

  • If you guys want a website, free hosting, just saying :P

    Now, will it be a compilation collab, or will more than one person work on a minigame?

  • Surely , I'll join the plot , Just Call me and I'm here :D !

  • Sounds cool! Let me know if you need me! :)

  • nice idea,,,, !!!

  • If there's any artist interested in collaborating, I'm interested to develop games for Ouya, I currently have my own Native (ndk c++ not java) game engine working on Android so there will be no fps problems!

  • I'm in! Sounds like a cool idea!

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