What is the project ID?

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  • I need to fill out the project ID. It looks like a website backwards but what do I put for it?

  • From what I understand you just put com.insertcompanynamehere.insertgamenamehere without spaces.

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  • This was the only topic I could find, so I decided to revive this old thread.

    It says in the manual that:


    An ID uniquely identifying your application. This should be in reverse domain format, such as com.mycompany.mygame. Some exporters use this as the ID for your exported app, so try to ensure it will be unique.

    Two questions...

    1. Am I correct to assume, that the ID of a project is not important?

    I mean... I can put anything there (such as com.adsfafsd.jersfy)?

    2. If it is important, can I put there org.mycompany.appname instead of COM.mycompany.appname?

    I'm a noob, please bare with me

  • As far as I understand it, yeah, you could probably use org, but I'm not sure on that one. However, you can absolutly do things such as "com.adsfafsd.jersfy", you just need to use something that hasn't been used before.

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