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  • Hello folks,

    Not really a bug or anything properly reproduceable however i'm having some issues with project files corrupting when the editor has been open for a long time or a lot of single file saves have been done.

    Basically, if C2 has been open for 4+ hours and a lot of iterative saves have been created I seem to be having some corruption issues, as per below screenshot.

    You'll notice from the file size and timestamps it's not saving the data to the single file yet all items are still accessible in c2.

    On close of c2 and re-open to try and load the file it throws a corruption error. This happens across 2 PCs so pretty sure it's not a HDD corruption issue, just seems to be when the editor has been open for a long time and has created multiple previews & saves.

    Any ideas?

  • I had that same problem using the automatic save in C2 when I left it open for long periods of time. I have had it crash on auto save when I was using other programs like Sketchup that also auto saves.

    I think it is a bug but my solution was to turn off auto save completely and save to single file only when I make some major change in the game and I have left games open for days doing that and never had it crash or corrupt a file.

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  • Looks like the famous auto-saving corruption to me:


    How it happens is still unclear but this looks like one of those cases were savedata got corrupted.

  • After reading your thread TheRealDannyyy I would say that's exactly what it is!

    Guess there isn't a whole lot to do about it other than remember to save frequently in different files

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