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  • Hi guys :)

    I'm just wondering if having a project(the project folder) with at least 30-50mb would cause problems when uploading it to a website?

    Are there any sites that would host a file with that size for free?

    My project currently has a single stage and already amounts to 4mb, and I plan to do 9 more stages.

    Thanks :)

  • Dropbox offers 2GB for free, and you can also export project to dropbox to test them

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  • Hi majikk

    Having a 50MB project might cause issues while downloading your game - users might have to wait quite a bit of time, before they can play.

    Several workarounds here:

    1) If you are creating a multimedia-heavy game, consider releasing it as an executable with NodeWebkit/Cocoon etc.

    2) Create a smart loader with a mini-game, that will keep the player busy until the main part downloads

    3) For audio, use lower bitrates to keep file sizes smaller.

    Your node-webkit solution will be *smaller* than the web-export, if you use a lot of sounds - as Node-Webkit only needs an OGG format, while regular web-export will have to keep wider compatibility and use multiple sound formats.



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