Programmed Animation or Frame-by-Frame

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  • I was wondering before I go to deep into it..

    Is it better to draw an animation then call it, or should programming it work as good.

    For an example:

    Let's say I want to make a reloading animation, which is better considering performance or other;

    - Rotating body X degrees, hands Y degrees, etc.

    - Animating it and call it when it's needed

    A lot of cool stuff can be made while playing around with doing it "manually", and a lot of extra effects, but also bugs.

    So my only worry is if it's gonna work fine, or should I reconsider it?

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  • Are you doing physics on body parts?

    Generally using fixed animations or loops is going to be faster an take less events.

  • I'm not using physics, mostly just rotations with it's speed.

    I can see that, but for the most part it doesn't take many events.

    And I don't really know if let's say I'd use customization would I have to do animation for every piece or is there an easier way?

    Iamar, thank you a lot for the reply!

  • I would have to see your sprites and what you are planning for movements to tell you anything more.

  • If you want I can send it to your Inbox, but it's out of order, it's just for testing.

    But I think I got your point.

    Thank you!

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