Program keeps crashing for 1st time user!!!

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  • So first time user and after downloading the program and clicking on new project the construct 2 program crashes.

    The program worked fine for 1 min then it just keeps crashing. SMH I really wanted to try this program but it has left me with a bad taste.

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name:     APPCRASH

    Application Name:     Construct2.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:     51e692ed

    Fault Module Name:     atio6axx.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp:     4b2aaa84

    Exception Code:     c0000005

    Exception Offset:     000000000000d218

    OS Version:     6.1.7601.

    Locale ID:     1033

    Additional Information 1:     a4fe

    Additional Information 2:     a4fee96b2c34f453fd9f3a296a1659c5

    Additional Information 3:     d9e4

    Additional Information 4:     d9e4e9097fe277dd1ff73ca9218d57cb

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  • Which version of C2 were you using?

    Also, It seems that bad graphic cards driver causes sometimes (more like "a lot") crashes of the program, maybe Updating your card driver can help

    If that don't help, and you don't get other responses, you can ask with:

    The error message

    The versions of C2 which are concerned

  • It's crashing in your graphics card driver, not Construct 2 (note the fault module is atio6axx.dll, meaning you have an ATI/AMD graphics card with a broken driver). Updating your drivers will hopefully fix it.

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