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  • Hey Ashley and others who would understand. It's been a hectic last few weeks. I sat down with the debugger-profiler to see if some of the bad spots can be improved.

    Reading the profiler I find that i'm not sure how some of the estimations are where they are.

    <img src="https://docsgle/file/d/0B0V2EvCXNzYURFVRbks5ZWF1dGc/editusp=sharing&pli=1" border="0" />

    Included text link

    What I don't understand is how some of the numbers standout.

    As can see the Event-Kitchen is 22.9%.

    but counting up everything I don't see how the count comes out to that.

    I just don't get where the 22.5% is coming from. Does each event sheet count for a large %?

    Everything is in a Group. Each group shows the %. The groups themeselves are all very low. But once we count the root group/event sheet. There is a large jump.

    Anyone have any idea why?

  • The measurement for event sheets also counts includes. If Event-Kitchen includes Mechanics, then the time to run Mechanics is also counted in Event-Kitchen. I think it adds up this way. It is a little confusing I guess, since event sheets are listed next to each other rather than nested.

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  • Ashley

    That explains then why the count is so close to each other. I was under the impression they were there own individual estimate.

    How my set up works is that there is a

    Room Layout

    Include Room-Event-Sheet(which is specific room based stuff)

    Room-Event-Sheet then Includes the root Mechanics.

    It is a little unusual to read, but I get that now. thanks for the interpretation. So for me.

    Room is the two main ones as it includes it's own and mechanics.

    You rock as usual.

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