My process for exporting to windows/osx/linux

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  • First of all, I used the technique in this thread:

    so that my game would use node-webkit version 10.5, which avoids the jittering experienced in newer versions.

    The post only describes how to replace the win32 files, so I'll share details on how to replace the osx32 and linux32 files. The process is exactly the same.. Although I'm unsure if you could replace the 64 bit versions for osx and linux.. I assume you could. Now that I think of it, you probably should (unless someone else has a good reason against it?).

    You download them from for the osx32 for linux32

    and if you want to dl the 64 bit versions, you can do that too. You can't dl 64bit for windows since that is a recent development, and as explained in the other thread will continue to jank.

    So once downloaded..

    I copy all the files in the zips to their respective locations in nodewebkitforc2 folder

    I find the Contents folder in the osx zip and copy that over the Contents folder in C:\Program Files\NodeWebkitForC2\osx32

    for linux I copy , nw , and nw.pak over the three files in C:\Program Files\NodeWebkitForC2\linux32

    Then I start up Construct 2 and export my project for node-webkit, which will create a folder with builds for windows/osx/linux..

    windows and osx are done and can be ran, but linux requires an extra step if you want it to run on newer distributions of linux. The issue about a dependency:

    What I did was download HexEdit from, and opened the largest file in your linux folder with it.

    Then I searched for and changed the 0 to a 1.

    A box might pop up that says if you want to disable readonly mode, and something else.. Do that..

    Make sure it is a 1 now rather than a 0.

    Go File > Save

    Now it is ready to run on linux.

    If I understand correctly, you may need to provide the version to users if they have older distribution of linux, so might be good to copy the file before editing it so that you have both versions..

    Last thing that you have to do in order to run it on linux once those files are on linux is right click the file and go to properties, then permissions and enable execute permission..

    I assume that is some common task users of linux perform? so I don't know how obvious that last step is since I'm not a linux user.

    Anyways, that's all I know

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the write-up.

    Looks like we're stuck with NW 10.5 for a long time.

  • For testing this is fine. But I wouldn't dare release a finished product this way. The reason that node hasn't switched over to the newer lib is that it isn't fully compatible with the old one. Editing the configuration to work with the wrong library will work, but could easily induce glitches and bugs.

    If it was an easy fix, it would have been fixed. Sadly, we just have to continue to wait on reliable linux deployment.

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  • Apparently there is a fix that will be in chromium 41, allowing dynamic loading of libudev on linux.

    based on this page:

    Seems chromium 41 is set to release Jan. 12th..

    Node-webkit currently uses chromium 38, and I'm unsure when node-webkit will be updated to use chromium 41. Hopefully the sooner the better, for linux users at least.

  • Prominent Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this tutorial!

    Very, very useful, and will help me a lot. (I'll have to run some linux tests very soon)

    Do we already know which method is better for SteamOS?

  • Yeah mate, i ve been waiting for a Linux fix for a while. Thanks Prominent gona do some tests.

  • Brilliant, I will need to look again at the windows desktop exporter soon, and I read here and there there were issues with the node webkit package ; these instructions will surely prove useful ! Thanks for sharing your process.

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