problems with WebGl when turn mode fullscreen my game

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  • Hi guys. Grettings!

    I need your help. I'm doing educational game for pagin web, but I have problems activating the fullscreen mode with the browser object. in some browsers it displays a message problem occurred with WebGL and the game will not run on mobile phones and desktop screens the game loses quality as the background color of the layers.

      Annex here the link of the game, by the way, on mobile IOS does not play audio, the audio of the games are in .ogg format. please help, I have not found much help in this regard.

    Note that when you exit the full screen mode, the background color of the animation of the child is black (as they should)

    Thank you for your help!

  • I didn't see any problems on my notebook (Windows 10x64 Opera). Note that iOS is having some problems with the audio lately so probably that's why you can't play it on that platform.

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  • Audio must also exist in .m4a format to play on iOS.

  • Hi guys, thanks for your answers!

    Glee Rikud! the game in desktop devices work well, at least in firefox and google chrome. only in some mobile devices do not work correctamnte, for example in a Samsung galaxy S2 works perfect, but on a motorcycle G shows problems WebGL. then I have not solved the problem, I've noticed that if I apply as much value to the Opacity property, WebGL does not show the result I hope.

    grigrizljac! I'll try adding sounds in that format (.m4a), what happens is that I tried to import them, but I make them .aac format automatically.

    Thanks .. I will be more attentive to their recommendations. : D

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