Problems with Run layout/project button

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  • When ever I try and test my work out very faint words appear at the top of the screen for a split second like its trying to load something but never does.

    If I open a completely new project with nothing on it then I can get it to run a layout in Internet Explorer but it gets stuck in a infinite "waiting for local host loop"

    I've spend about an hour looking up solutions for this and I can find nothing out about it that helps. I have Fire Fox and IE to work from and would also like to note that his happens when doing the tutorials so I am not making some impossible program that will never open.

    Any and all help is appreciated,


    EDIT: So I figured out that it wasn't running the program in Admin mode if I loaded a file I created (for some dumb reason) but now it is every time.

    The only problem now is that it won't load up in Fire fox for some reason and I'd much rather only use FF and avoid Internet explorer if at all possible.

    It simply says that it can't open FF and that I can change the default program.

    Once more any help is appreciated.

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  • In Properties, under configuration settings, there's the option of selecting the preview browser. Default will go to the browser your computer normally lists as the default for everything else.

  • Ahh thanks. I did find that but I figured out that the layout I was using had its default set to Chrome even though my programs default was FF. Not sure why they would do it like that but I figured it out .

    Thanks for the help.

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