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  • I don't know what's going on I have a couple problems and questions.

    1. one problem that arose was that when I save one of my projects to a folder and open it for a while it would open and send me to construct and I would see all of my work, but one day when I I clicked to open it again, it would ask me what I want to open it with, I don't know what happened whether I did something or not, but from what I recall I didn't do anything. its like my main program I open it with was gone, by the way I would set the default program to open it with construct but it said fail to open construct when this problem occured . I would like to know how to fix that

    2. I don't have any multiplayer objects or templates on my Construct , I don't know if that is for buissness version only or something, if someone would tell me how to get them that would be awsome (the Multiplayer objects that is)

    thank u to whom,ever may answer me

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  • You don't really give enough information.

    What version of C2 are you using?

    Is it the stand-alone or steam version?

    Have you got a license?

    What OS/system/browser?

    Have you tried the latest (very soon to be stable) release from the bottom of this page - r167.2? This version includes examples of multiplayer game, chat and pong.

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