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  • Mods, if this topic is in the wrong place, could you move it to the right place? Thanks.

    Alright, my current problem with the current update that forced me to revert back to the older version of construct is that after you name a group in one layout, you cannot give the same name to another group in another layout in the same project despite both layout never referenced each other at all.

    Basically, I have a common layout (which all other layout referenced to) which have functions that close and open groups in each other layout as required in my game. When all my other layouts have similar naming convention, this is not an issue and work perfectly fine.

    In the new release, I cannot do so and forced to name every group in every new layout differently. That is simply crazy and require a lot of work for something that work perfectly fine in the previous version.

    As an example, I have a dialog group in each other layout with different texts. In the common layout, I have a function that activate and deactivate that group based on user input. Last time, all I have to put is "Deactivate DialogGroup" and "Activate DialogGroup" because in all other layouts, that the group's name.

    However, with the new version, I am forced to use DialogGroup1, DialogGroup2, DialogGroup3, ... and so forth, due to no similar naming convention in the same project.

    Can Ashley find out what went wrong with this? Do anyone have this problem with the new version or it's just simply me?

    This is important since I would like to make use of the latest update without this crippling bug/feature.

    I didn't faced this in 152, only in 158.2

  • Some versions ago they discovered an issue with the same group names.

    You coudl try this:

    Instead of putting the items under a group, give the event that is suposed to be below the group an extra condition: "is group active"

    will effectively achieve the same, but here with a condition.

    Imagine now that group names work project wide.

    So if you disable a group name in A lyout, it will be disabled on ALL layouts.

  • This is strange since I only encountered this problem with the latest build 158.2

    I did not have such issues with 152.

    Why did this change? And for what reason?

    Groups in construct 2 helps a lot in organizing the logics in games so I simply don't understand why Ashley would simply change how it works.

    Especially when layout that don't include each other should not stop each layout to give the same name to the similar function for ease of use.

    The 158.2 group method simply cancel out any reason to have a central event page for use for all other events page.

    And it make trying to change anything in code-heavy or long games very frustrating, time-consuming and annoying since you have to do it for every single event page without the usage of a central one.

    I would love to hear from Ashley to listen to the reasoning behind this move.

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  • My understanding is that, since group states persist through all layouts unless one reset, having identical group names can screw this up...I think. I always use different names for them so.

  • This is not a bug, the bug is letting groups on different event sheets have the same name.

    I'm not sure what's your code like, but you can easily get around this by having your mechanics into one event sheet, then referencing it on another event sheet that is linked to a layout. This way your group is on every layout where it is referenced.

    If you're copy/pasting a group with the EXACT SAME CODE, do not do this. This is really bad in programming, since you're just doubling the size of your code for no reason.

  • Creating multiple groups with the same name caused confusion when using the activate/deactivate group actions. Since they activate and deactivate groups by their name, it made it impossible to activate or deactivate groups with the same name separately. This confused lots of people and caused some weird bugs, so now every group project-wide has to have a unique name.

    If you're copy-pasting groups between event sheets, you're doing it wrong. Use event sheet includes.

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