Problems with Gamepad triggers (D-pad and Buttons too fast)

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  • 1. Problem

    Hi. I used the Gamepad: On Right Shoulder Button Pressed action and it has an green arrow which means it should be triggered once. To make a toggle I added a local variable and added it to the condition. So when the var is 0 and the button is pressed some sprites are shown/animated and the var is set to 1. If you press the button again when the var is 1 the items should be hidden again. But it did not work until I added a short delay (wait 0.5 sec). With the delay it works as expected.

    Any ideas why this is happening and not working without the delay? I tried to move the line with "Set GeldHinweisSichtbar to 0" to different locations but it did not affect it. It seems as soon as I press the button the other event which has "GeldHinweisSichtbar=0" is triggered. But I pressed the button only once.

    This calls a function once which does this:

    And this is to hide it again:

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  • 2. Problem

    And when you use On Dpad pressed it does trigger multiple times even if you just hit it once very quickly and not hold it down.

    The same applies to other buttons like "On Button A pressed". I used it to select an menu item but when it switches to another layout the Button A pressed action from there is immediately executed even if I did not hit the button again.

    instead of +1 it adds it multiple times. Any ideas how to prevent this?

    When I use the left stick with a "trigger once" it works fine. But the DPad is triggered way too fast and too often.

    Is this a bug?

  • If I try to preview in Internet Explorer I get this error - It works fine in Chrome:


    Meldung von Webseite


    Javascript error!

    Zugriff verweigert, line 189 (col 2)

    This is likely a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer. Subsequent errors will be logged to the console.




    It seems the very fast multiple triggering of events like on D-Pad left or on Button Press are only happening in Internet Explorer or on Xbox One. When I use the D-Pad controls on PC in Chrome it only increments by 1 when I press down. Is it possible to fix this in IE or IE on Xbox somehow?

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