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  • Hi friends! My game gets all messed up when in full screen besides getting too slow, and I need full screen to export to android using PhoneGap. The game runs really slow in my android device and its a simple game. In the windowed mode, everything is fast and normal, any solution? This is my first C2 game please need some feedback !

    .capx in annex.

    Download here

  • Have you gone through the tutorial on supporting multiple screen resolutions? It covers full screen scaling. You can find it here: hope that helps.

  • Vinians I took a look at your .capx, and I fixed some things so it will work in full screen. But there were some things I couldn't fix because I only know English.

    The things I couldn't fix are:

    The Fundo1 background image I got it to center on the Tela1, and Tela2 layouts but some place in your code something is making it enlarge, and repeat off to the left. If you can find what is causing this I would just disable it.

    On your evGameOver event sheet I commented that you should just disable your sprites movements, and set them to a set position. this might help with your games FPS.

    Here is your .capx:

    Also to make your game run faster you might want to use System EveryX seconds and set it to 1 instead of using system every tick. And because your game uses the physics behavior you might want to use CocoonJS instead of Phonegap it will run much faster.

  • Wink hey friend thank you for trying to help-me! The only thing I need now is to know why my Game Over screen is a mess in Full Screen and work nicely in windowed mode? All calculations are ok but I think it's a bug in C2. You said :

    "You might want to just set these to a set position"

    Yes but I want the movement, it's like a cool effect, it's should work...

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  • Vinians Yes, I like the movement to. Hmm, maybe you could use a different method to get the same effect.

    I was just playing around with an idea that should give you the same effect but I don't know how to disable your sprites movement to test it. You could give all your movable sprites a Custom Movement behavior then do something like this:

    On start of layout--> Sprite Accelerate CustomMovement (speed) toward position (x cords, y cords).

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