Some problems with coocon

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  • Hello, guys

    How are you.?

    I have a some problems with coocon, which is about the admob.

    First i need to now how to add ads into coocon plugin inside construct 2, i mean i usually use admob plugin,

    But now i will try coocon with ads admob, there is a serial from admob you have to put it into the admob plugin, in coocon plugin there is no a service that allow you to put ads serials, how i can do that with coocon.?

    Another thing, i tried coedeva admob plugin with coocon it does not work, someone explain to me please with these problems.


  • Once you import the plugin into construct, click the plugin itself in your objects list and you'll have it's options on the left side with a place to put the ad serials.

  • Thank you so much orinab for your replay.

    Acordding to what you said there is no a place to put the serial admob, yes there are places but not for ads, please see these photo and replay me with more details.


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  • That's because you are using the wrong Cocoon plugin. Cocoon.js is for the older version which is not in use anymore.

    Go to the link below to download the latest plugins, and there are tutorials and examples of how to use it there as well. Good luck!

  • Thanks rekjl for your comment, I really did not find the link please can you provide me the the download link for the latest coocon plugin for construct 2

    Thank you

  • It's right under "Download Assets". Click the "Download: Cocoon Developer Template (includes separate examples)" it will help you download the latest plugins and also capx examples on how to use them.

  • thank you for your comment, all the things right now, there is another problem when exporting the game as apk, it shows black screen on the phone, the reason is because the coocon plugin when i remove it from installed plugins it works fine but when i install it it shows black screen, i do not now why.? please any solution for that problem.

    Thank you, (only the coocon plugin is problem now)

  • There are a few possibilities that might be causing the issue.

    Read through this, and check your settings to check which of them is causing the issue.

  • Thanks sir for your comment, well, it does not work as the tutorial said, i had read a lot of these methods but no benefits.

    the game works fine without coocon admob plugin but with the plugin it shows black screen, please any other solution i want the ads works fine.

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  • In my experience the black screen appears if you are using a plugin in construct which you have no installed within the cocoon web tool (via the plugins tab).

    pay careful attention that some plugins have different ios/android versions.

  • Thank you all for your answers, well it helps me a lot to build my game easily with cocoon,

    thank you guys

  • orinab


    I am having issues with black screen as well, it appears right after c2progress Loader screen. I built my game on xdk,CocoonIO and phonegap. The black screen appears only after installing and running the game for the first time. The game is running in background as it registers touch and taps.

    When I close the game and start again, I don't have the black screen anymore!! This is happening with all three builds. Do you know what the issue might be? I feel so hopeless

  • SamRock

    Hey sir, I am sorry that I did not saw your problem, I am sorry for being late.

    As your problem, could you please show me the sittings you export your game with construct 2 and your plugins that you used inside the game, maybe I can help you with.

    please show me pictures of construct 2 exporting sittings and plugins inside the coocon, and other things that belong the export tools.

    Thank you.

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