Problems in Construct 2 Publishing

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  • I have posted this problem since days ago in other topic, however no response from community for long time. Link-->

    I just played this two games:

    Both of it freezes which unallow me to play on the website. And I thought the project was failure, so I download the project file to make sure. I opened it in my Construct 2 free edition, and I ran the layout which redirects me to my Firefox again with localhost, and it works! Anyone figure it out why the game freezes as it is posted into the website?

    Then a user lennaert suggest me to launch browser console in my firefox to see the error logs.

    I have then follow lennaert advice, I have did CTRL-SHIFT-J to launch browser console. And, it was true that there are series of error code lines. Here I post the screenshot in my google drive. Link:

    Any one who is able to share thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • I think perhaps you got the log from the wrong page.

  • You seemed to be right, newt . Thanks for suggesting. I upload a new screenshot. I am sure this would not be anymore correct.

  • Space blaster isn't working for me. They may need to update the export.

    Its probably only five or so years old.

  • How about ghost shooter?

  • One of the audio effects froze the game after a while.

    Its pretty old too.

  • So it is basically the website fault? newt

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  • Probably.

    Likewise your games will have to be updated as browsers update their systems.

    A headache any web developer will know too well already.

    Scirra otherwise keeps up with those changes. The fact that that the localhost demo works for you should attest to that.

  • What elements need to be updated? newt

  • They probably just need to export it from a recent release.

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