Problems with audio and cordova chartboost plugin

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  • Three weeks ago the plugin was working normally and suddenly it started to interrupt the audio (music/effects) of my app. In my case, I'm using rewarded video of revmob and chartboost, alternately. When the chartboost video begins, the audio stop and only returns to play when the revmob video starts or if I restart the app. I would like to mantain this plugin and as I know (or I think) that it's not problem of C2, it will not be fixed for while. So, I wonder if is possible to restart the sound after the chartboost freeze it?

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  • Sorry to insist, but as I said, I really want to use the chartboost plugin. I'm wondering if I can disable the audio before the ad starts to play (not only use "stop" action - I've tried it) and enable it after or if have any way to restore the audio when the ad finish, as already happens when the revmob ad begins. I need some temporary solution while waiting for a definitive.

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