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  • Hello, first i'm sorry about my english, I'm brazilian and I'm using Google Translator.

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    After purchasing the C2 steam, I began to improve my game because of the limitations of the free version of C2. Then after making the Main Menu and a Stage, I decided to export my game to test it on mobile devices.

    I tried 3 different ways:

      A - Intel XDK using the Build Cordova + Android

      B - Intel XDK using the Build Android only

      C - Ludei

    And got some negative results which I will quote below

      A and C - APK file created twice larger than the file I exported.

      B - Created APK file in the same size as the file that I exported.

    In neither case could test the game on my phone, because after loading the Main Menu, the game crashed after clicking to start the game. (Intel XDK)

    Also, there were times when the game did not open. (Ludei).

    Has anyone experienced this, or could give me information on what to do about it?


    Após ter comprado C2 na steam, comecei a aprimorar meu jogo devido as limitações da versão free do C2. Seguidamente após fazer o Menu Principal e um Cenário, resolvi exportar meu jogo para testá-lo em dispositivos móveis.

    Eu tentei de 3 formas diferentes:

    A - Intel XDK, usando a Build Cordova+Android

    B - Intel XDK, usando a Build somente Android

    C - Ludei

    E obtive alguns resultados negativos os quais citarei abaixo

    A e C - Criou arquivo APK duas vezes maior do que o arquivo que exportei.

    B - Criou arquivo APK no tamanho igual ao arquivo que exportei.

    Em nenhum dos casos consegui testar o jogo em meu celular, pois após carregar o Menu Principal, o jogo travava após clicar para iniciar o jogo. (Intel XDK)

    E também, houve momentos em que o jogo não abriu. (Ludei).

    Alguém já passou por isso, ou poderia me dar informações sobre o que fazer a respeito?

  • English

    Intel XDK generates huge APKs, but Intel staff are working to turn the file smaller.

    What's your smartphone? Intel XDK works well in many Android 4 or newer devices.


    Intel XDK gera APKs grandes, mas o pessoal da Intel estão trabalhando para que os arquivos sejam menores.

    Qual seu celular? Intel XDK funciona bem em vários aparelhos com Android 4 ou superior.

  • A will add the entire chromium engine to the game, which explains that increase, C will have another engine added in the case of canvas+ (I do not know for the others, canvas+ is meant to run better than a regular browser engine for games but has compatibility issues), that explains the overhead in size.

    B will not add a browser engine to the game, it will use the webview of the system used (which in the case of Android is decent for android lollipop).

    about the game not running, why exactly happens?

    does it insta-crash? (If so, you might need to see in the case of A if you tested both architecture of the apk, I remember that the xdk produces 2 apks, 1 for ARM, 1 for x86 )

    is it stuck on the loading bar or on a black screen? (the chromium engine has seriously bad issues with decoding sounds, and by default C2 preloads and decode them at the start of the game)

    I am not an expert in that domain though, so what I am saying may not be accurate/ up to date.

  • My phone is a Moto G. Perhaps the biggest problem is not the size of the APK, but the fact that this does not work. Simply is a white screen, and then the message that the application has stopped working.

    I installed the APKs on both architectures for test purposes. The error comprises:

       - I open the app

       - The game loads and then appears the Main Menu

       - I click "Start Game"

       - The game crashes (white screen) after about 10 seconds.

  • Did you test it in preview mode? Moto G works well with Intel XDK.

  • Yes, i did, and it worked perfectly. Believed it was a problem on my phone, but tested it on my uncle's S4 and there also exactly the same thing happened

  • I believe it is a problem in your project and/or in the compilation. Try to test with other projects to check this.

  • so it actually starts (as you can interact with the menu), but crashes afterwards.. my guess would be it may be related to a memory issue..

  • djosh

    I will say to gave a try those templates in C2, try to make them APK and test them on your device, if they are working fine than it's something wrong with your game, i mean some of the code events trying to stop your game on start.

    and let us know if that is working or not.

    I never got such problem so I can't help you 100% , but at least we can try.

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  • I tried to build the same game and other templates not only on my PC, but also in other notebook I have and what happened was that the game I made gave the same problem, and the template that comes with the C2 lost some images and buttons (such as the start game, for example).

    I realize that maybe I'm having problems with Intel XDK, because the loss of contents in different games I tested. But I think for my own game, I'm having problems with memory. Because I realized that the APK is consuming 500mb (a lot for a simple set of 2 layouts with a character walking and shoots).

    The strange thing is that the error is not only with the Intel XDK but also with Ludei.

    If it is important, I can say that I am using C2 Personal (R195) purchased from Steam. I do not know if there is any difference for not having bought direct on the Scirra site because I did this because of the devaluation of the national currency and by my facilities on payment.

    Fact is that I am indeed already stressed and almost giving up. I'm more than a week trying to make it work and it still fails.

  • Have you tried using Ludei's own compiler and not the WebView?

  • The problem was not just that, it really was my mistake. I did not know how the images consumed memory and then was due to the excess of images that my game crashed.

    Despite being a relatively small game, I put enormous backgrounds for the character around.

    The problem I had with the previous Template, was a compilation error, but all the rest was due to an overload on the use of images.

    For this, I created a calculator in Excel to help me in maintaining the memory game. It would be interesting to post it here on the forum?

    I would like to thank all who were willing to help me, hope one day to return the favor.

  • Using HD images turns the game slow. Try to use 8-bit PNG and small size images.

  • djosh if that helps, to get the maximum out of C2 spritesheeting (assuming that you left the downscaling to its default value):

    with a frame of a sprite with multiple frames (aka if it is animated or has multiple animations, or both), try to make each frame size at most in sizes that fits a n^2 -2 form (aka 4-2=2; 8-2=6; 16-2=14; 32-2=30; 64-2=62; 128-2=126....), what I mean by that is that if a frame is 127x62, it will actually take the same memory as 256x256, if it is 126x62 though, it will take only 128x128.

    if you have lots of textures in your project, that can make a difference.

  • EstudioCelula3 - using 8-bit PNGs does not impact performance, only the download size. See 'Common misconceptions' in Performance Tips

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