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  • I've ran into an odd problem. I have an app that has a vibrate action on a splash page when the app starts. I've been testing it with CacoonJS and it's been working fine.

    I uploaded it to Ludei's cloud compiler and tested the debug apk file and the app would load just fine, but would crash after touching the splash page. It would just close the app, no error or anything.

    So I compiled again without the vibrate action and it worked.

    So, does the browser/vibrate action not compatible with the final apk compile from ludei or am I doing something wrong. Again it works fine when testing with the CacoonJS app.

    Anyone else run into this?


  • sirrance There is a vibration check box under "extensions". Make sure you tick that and press the update button. It should then work fine.

    I had the same problem when I forgot to "update" and the vibration crashed the app whenever it was called.

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  • Just wanted to check, you need to become a premium user to use the CocoonJS extensions right?

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