Problem on versions of Construct2

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    So yeah. I have a Construct 2 version 168 and it's not a free trial. And I downloaded the free trial of version 195, cause I have to view a demo game w/c cannot be accessed in my version 168. So my question is if I run the free trial w/c is the version 195. Could I still access the version 168? Won't I lose it? Won't it be replaced? Will the games I created in version 168 won't be affected or gone? Please help. Thank you.

    IF you have a valid license it includes free upgrades to the latest version.

    Ah okay I see. I'm guessing the version given to me by a friend is just a crack of 168 not a paid license. Right? Cause it didn't upgrade to the latest version. So still the question is will my games in 168 won't be lost if I run the 195? Won't it be replaced? Cause I have an important game here in 168 to be submitted the day after tomorrow and I just needed to view the demo game on version 195.

    I know some will say back it up, but yeah I don't have anything to where I can back up my game.

    Make a copy of your capx files and store them in another folder. Problem solved.

    Really, you can install latest and run the files. It is not until you make alterations in them and save that they are locked to 195.

    But for your sake, better ditch the pirated version altogether. 168 is quite old a version too.

    Also if your "friend" asks for you to look at any strange spots in private areas, you should "both" probably see a doctor.

    Why are people giving a pirate advice?

    Buy the damn software or not, but don't expect support for a pirated version.

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    Closing due to basically admitting to using a pirated version of Construct 2. It's asking a lot to expect anyone to help you in that case.

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